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Types and Organization of Resources


A Resource Basket is a collection of resources: documents, contacts, activities, and so on, that tie to a particular topic important in Mother Tongue Based MultiLingual Education (MTB-MLE); for example, setting up a local MLE program or understanding how to evaluate a program's effectiveness.

Using Resource Baskets

Each Resource Basket is introduced by a brief background statement of its contents. If you are interested in the contents of a particular basket, you simply access the basket and then click on the links at the bottom of the statement or on the menu for any details that interest you. The details are categorized as follows:

  • Main Topics — A descriptive list of the main information topics about which you can expect to find individual resources within the basket.
  • How To — Planning documents, activities, or instructions for implementation related to the basket topic.
  • Examples — Case studies or programs that exemplify how other organizations or groups have approached the topic.
  • Resources — Lists of written sources with general treatments of the topic. Short abstracts, references, and Internet locations are provided. In some cases the Network can also make the reading directly available for downloading.

Within the Resources section of a basket, it is possible to filter what can be a long list. To do this, click on a link in the section's opening statement. This will open a search page on which you can select from pull-down menus specific terms on which to filter the full lists of resources.

When you click on the title of any content article or resource within a basket, it will expose the full text. If the article has a link under the heading Download Document, this means that the full document associated with the posting can be downloaded. If only a location is listed, you will be  directed to an external web site where the full document can be found. This feature is available only for registered users.

For registered users: Subscribe to and submit new resources

To make it easier for you to stay aware of resources that will be added  to the system in the future, you can subscribe to postings that match your areas of interest. At the bottom of each full posting, you will see a Subscriptions text link. By clicking on the link, one or more check boxes will appear, keyed to the content tags assigned to that posting. By checking on one or more of these boxes, the system will alert you by email when a posting with matching tags is added to the network.

Submit resource linkRegistered users can also add and manage your subscriptions through the My Account link in the upper right corner of the screen. Use the Notifications tab there to access the subscription commands. In managing your subscriptions, you can add or drop subscriptions or edit how you receive notifications. By default, notifications are sent out immediately.

Registered users may also submit new resources to by completing and emailing a Word form. The form can be accessed through the menu item Submit a Resource available within the My Account screen or from the Posting menu below the My Account link.

If you are currently not registered, you can complete the registration process by clicking here or by clicking on the Register link in the top right corner of the screen.

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