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Progress Report on the MTB-MLE Pilot Program for Timor-Leste

Launched in February, 2011 the "MTB-MLE Policy for Timor-Leste" mandated that children in pre-primary and primary grades should be educated in their mother tongue.

As part of the implementation strategy for this policy, the National Education Commission's "Language in Education Working Group" also recommended that a pilot program be carried out in which students were instructed in their mother tongues.

This resource describes the progress that the pilot program, implemented in the Manatuto, Oecusse and Lautem districts, has made during the months of January - May, 2012. 
UNESCO-Bangkok (2012). Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education Pilot Program for Timor-Leste: A Brief Progress Report on Activities Conducted January - May 2012 Bangkok: UNESCO

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