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LEAD Asia Honors Mothers by Highlighting Women's Efforts in Literacy

This weekend LEAD is honored to recognize Mother's Day by highlighting women and mothers in our midst that demonstrate the true meaning of strength.

No one leads by example more than a mother.  She is a teacher to her children from the moment they are born, introducing them to the ways of the world, protecting and providing for their needs.  Through a mother's care, a child learns wholeness.  Our female partners and community members are constantly working to foster positive change, setting an example for their language communities and larger society.  This weekend LEAD honors the women and mothers that are striving along with us to develop solutions that can enhance the lives of language communities worldwide.  It is their strength that pushes us onward.


The Women that Strengthen the World - Part 1


The Women that Strengthen the World - Part 2


The Women that Strengthen the World - Part 3

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