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Guide to Developing a Primer for the Two-Track Method - Accuracy Track

A practical guide for writing an "Accuracy Track" primer to be used in the 2-Track Method of literacy instruction.  The 2-Track Method makes use of 2 simultaneous 'tracks' of literacy instruction; one focusing on meaning and the other on accuracy.  The "Accuracy Track" is a phonics based approach.

After a general introduction to the 2-Track method, the book guides the user through the following processes:

  • Doing a symbol count (frequency count)
  • Planning the order of the letter lessons
  • Choosing key words for the lessons
  • Identifying words for sentence making activities

A sample lesson is also included which shows the general layout for the primer page.

Malone, Susan. (2010). Guide to Developing a "Sounds of Our Language" Book for teachers to use in the 2-track method- Accuracy Track. SIL.
Guide to developing a primer for 2-track method.pdf157.27 KB

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